Maple Mustard Dill Sauce

For those of you that read my blog a lot, you know how much I love making my own dips, dressings, and marinades. As I've mentioned numerous times, I haven't bought a bottled dressing or marinade in years and don't intend to anytime's just SO fun for me to make my own, and I never get bored with the same flavors and ingredients. Funny enough though, at Expo West the other week, I came home with two bottled dressings - I feel like a phony. Don't tell anyone.

I started getting into DIY cooking and cleaning back in college because NYC was mind-numbingly expensive, and I could never justify $5.99 (yes I'm serious) for a small bottle of dressing that I knew I would never use up (I didn't love salads back then). Especially on a college student budget. So I began checking out the ingredient list on a lot of my favorite products, and then just started trying to replicate them at home with things I already kept stocked. It became like second nature, and has stuck with me because it's easy and cost-effective, two of my favorite words in the english language.

Anyway, I was at Whole Foods the other day picking up some salmon and trying to decide what to top it with. Another fun fact for anyone new here, I am a sauce-oholic and can't eat a meal or protein without some sort of sauce or dressing. My typical go-to for salmon or seafood in general is a lemon dill sauce with either a mayo or yogurt base, depending on what I'm feeling or what's currently in my fridge. I stumbled upon one of those jarred sauces in the seafood section similar to what I like to make, but included mustard and I immediately new I was switching it up when I got home. A few twists and turns later, and I was so pleasantly surprised, that I knew I had to share it.


1/4 cup mayo

1 Tbsp dijon mustard

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tbsp lemon juice (about 1/2 of one medium lemon)

1/4 tsp dried dill (1 tsp for fresh)

1/8 tsp garlic powder (1 small clove for fresh)

salt and pepper to taste


1. If using fresh ingredients, add all ingredients to a wide-mouth mason jar and blend with an immersion blender until incorporated. Taste and season with salt and pepper.

2. If using dry ingredients, add the mayo, mustard, and maple to a bowl and using a fork whisk until smooth. Add in the dill, garlic, and salt and pepper, whisk again.

2. Spoon over seafood, roasted veggies, or chicken! Also great as a dip or dressing for veggies, cold shrimp, and seafood salads! Store in a sealed container in the fridge, and it should last for 5-7 days if stored properly.


1. I like to use garlic powder and dried dill if I plan to keep this on hand for several days, as it will help it last longer. If you plan to make this for a group or use it up within a day or two, I highly

recommend both fresh dill and garlic cloves as the flavor is better.

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