Creamy Whole30 Herb Dressing

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a post a few weeks back that I did for Pure Taste. It was a simple Lemon Rosemary Dijon Vinaigrette and in the caption of the post I talked about how dang easy it is to make your own dressing. I also made the (true) claim that I haven't bought bottled dressing in over 5 years. You all seemed to love the recipe, but I got so many messages and questions about making your own dressings, so I figured I'd start sharing more of my homemade tips, tricks, and recipes.

I'm a self-proclaimed "sauce-oholic." Meaning, 9 out of 10 times, almost every meal I have has either a dressing or dip, or at the very least, a drizzle of hot sauce. No meal is complete without one, in my honest opinion. That's why, I always have the basics on hand. In a moments notice, I can whip something up and ensure that no meal goes without.

The basic components to a simple dressing are - 2 parts good quality oil to 1 part acid. I tend to like my vinaigrettes more acidic, so I actually bring this a little closer to 2/1.5 depending on the flavor and if I have company (I sometimes prefer things a little too acidic). If you play around enough, you'll figure out what you like. Then, a touch of salt and pepper, dijon mustard, and maybe a dash or two of honey and lemon, and you're all set for a very simple salad dressing. From here, you can experiment with flavors and textures - add in a dried rosemary or thyme, substitute apple cider vinegar for balsamic, or mix in a spoonful of yogurt or mayo for some creaminess.

I used to hate mayo, but always loved anything creamy. It wasn't until I completed my first Whole30 that I realized how versatile (and so so much better for you) a good quality paleo or homemade mayo can be. Now, I always have a jar of homemade mayo on hand. It makes thick and creamy dips and dressings, like this Creamy Herb Dressing, so easy to whip up. For this Creamy Herb Dressing, you can follow the recipe as is for a thick dressing or dip; in this state it's wonderful as a spread on a sandwich, with raw veggies, fried plantains, and sweet potato fries. Or, you can thin it out with a touch of water for a drizzly salad dressing. I love it on my Whole30 Cobb Salad (recipe coming soon)! I like to make this dressing using an immersion blender, but you can also use a food processor or high speed blender if you don't have one. Though, I highly recommend getting one - it's my favorite kitchen gadget.


3/4 cup good quality mayo (I make my own, but also love Primal Kitchen or Sir Kensington)

1/4 cup coconut milk, full fat

1/3 cup parsley

1/4 cilantro

2 green onion, only the green parts, roughly chopped

1 garlic clove

Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp black pepper


1. Add everything to a wide mouth mason jar or a tall, wide container. Place the head of your immersion blender directly on top of the ingredients, and blend until well incorporated.

2. Add the dressing to a mason jar and seal. Refrigerator for an hour to let flavors meld and consistency thicken. Here, you can add water to thin it out before serving.


1. If you don't like mayo feel free to substitute greek yogurt. I would also omit the

coconut milk if you decide to go this route, and simply do an entire cup of yogurt.

2. Dressing should be safe for a week if refrigerated in a sealed jar.

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